My Brief P-51 Mustang Career

Many years ago I was flying the Bush in Alaska. I delivered mail and miscellaneous supplies to many of the outpost’s way out there in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally I took sick people out of their villages or camps to a hospital in Fairbanks or Anchorage. I once took a construction worker out from a work site that had gotten into a fight with another man and he had a hammer stuck in his skull. It was just vivid incidents like that I remember, but most of the time it was boring. One day the North Slope shut down and things stopped virtually overnight. I stuck around for awhile hoping things would get started again but it didn’t and it was another three years before it did. I heard there was a need for pilots in Africa so I was off.

I landed in Sao Tome’. It’s an island off the West Coast of the African continent. Many of the pilots I knew from the North Slope were there so I was right at home. There were pilots from all over the world and I got to know many of them. We were all there to work bringing in food, medicine, and other supplies to the Bi-Africans. The airlift was flying from Sao Tome’ to Uli airstrip on the West Coast of Africa located in Southern Nigeria. They were called back then Bi-Afrans. Sao Tome’ is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean about 600 miles from the African coast. Uli Airstrip was in the nation of Nigeria on the Southern Atlantic coast,

There was a civil war raging between two large tribes. The Biafrans were one side and the other was the Nigerians. The World Church Organization was supplying the Bi-Afrans with food, medicine and other essentials that were being donated worldwide and then delivered to the World Church Organization and we were delivering it to Uli for distribution.

The first trip I took into Uli was incredible. We were bringing in food and other essentials to the Bi-Africans and as we were making our final approach to the strip the Bi-Africans were shooting at us. They had old fashioned 20 mm cannons and .50 cal. Machine guns. World war two armaments, fortunately for us, they were piss poor shots and we managed to land without any further incident. The airplanes were staggered about 30 minutes apart so the ones on the ground could get unloaded and be off again for the return trip to Sao Tome’.

The second trip I made into Uli I heard a man’s voice over the radio and he had a South African accent. He said to us, “Well mates, here we are again. I’ll be dropping my load and then I’ll be off to home again. I’m in the middle of a harvest you know. Cheerio.”

The bombs landed all around the airport but not on it and not at either end of the strip. I asked one of the older pilots, what in the world was that all about? He told me there was this South African farmer who got paid by the Nigerians to bomb the airstrip but he never did, just around the edges. Many of the pilots on the airlift were friends of his and he didn’t want anyone getting hurt. So he bombed the edges and that seemed to keep the Nigerians happy. I guess he was a British Bomber Pilot during world war two.

I flew the airlift every day for two months. Once in awhile, we got several days off because our plane was down for maintenance. But most of the time it was every a day.

Around the beginning of my second month, a new voice came on the air and he was a German. The accent was Germanic. He said to us, “Cheerio mates. I will be making my bomb run in a couple of minutes, you chaps be careful down there. Bombs away.”  The bombs fell down and struck the middle of the strip one after the other and they made huge holes in the ground. This guy was good. I found out later the Nigerians fired the other guy and hired this guy. He was an ex-Nazi Bomber Pilot from world war two and knew his business. He was flying a Russian Ilyushin Bomber. So it went for another week. Trying to dodge the bullets coming at us every time we started our final run straight in and once we were near the strip we had to dodge the holes in the ground left by the bombs from either that day or the previous one.

I was beginning to think maybe I should get back up to Alaska and fly a little mail. It was boring as hell but a whole lot safer. Just about then this guy comes along wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and wants to know if there were any P-51 Mustang pilots in the group. I told him I had about 500 hours in one and he hired me but after talking to the rest of the guys who all turned the job down first. I was fairly young in those days and I guess he had his doubts about my qualifications. Incidentally, I had zero hours in a P-51. I lied.

The deal was-

$10,000 a trip. I had to use up all the gas and just fly around looking for targets of opportunity. I had to use up all the ordinance every trip. My targets were trains, bridges, convoys and any large gathering of soldiers, etc. For those considerations, I was to be paid in Krugerrands  each trip. So I was off and I quit flying in food and medicine and concentrated on the P-51. The first time I flew it I went up without any ordinance. I just wanted to get the feel for it. I read the owner’s manual from cover to cover and memorized all the speeds one needs to know. Things like what the characteristics were of the aircraft in a stall, what to do in a dive and other instructions, landing speeds, and so forth. Bomb rack clearances and best rates of climb and descent. They are given as VSO speeds. I didn’t have any problems and I was ready to go.

Loaded down the first takeoff was a bit of a strain and the run out was a long one but I was airborne soon enough.  Over a thousand horsepower is significant. I was a hunter and I have to tell you I would have done it for free I was having so much fun. At $5,000 a trip, it was like a dream come true. I more or less equated it to having a license to steal. Once the first trip was finally behind me and I was back on the ground, I waited for the guy in the Ray Bans to pay me. Finally, a man came by and told me Ray-Ban was delayed but he’d be by tomorrow. The next day I waited for a couple of hours and he didn’t show so I was off again. I never did find any targets of opportunity and I wasn’t going to bomb or strafe any villages so I found this place that looked like a pile of rocks and that was where I unloaded all the ordinance. I did look for the German with the Ilyushin Bomber but never found him. That guy was going to be a freebie.

With six fifty caliber machine guns at the touch of my finger, I was going to make sure he didn’t bomb anyone anymore.

My third week into the job and Ray Ban never did show up however, a messenger came by at the hotel over on Sao Tome’ with $5,000 in Gold and a letter from Ray Ban telling me he was having some problems but he knew what the amount was that he owed and that I would be paid in full and in a couple more days. By this time I was rich once I was paid and I could go down to Rio and lie in the sun and play with the spinners on the beach for a long time.

I had decided this was going to be my last trip unless I was paid at least half of what I was owed. I was preoccupied on that day and after doing a pre-flight I forgot to check the gas and mounted my ride, strapped it on and away I went. That was a big mistake and one I have never made again. It’s just that I loved flying that airplane so much I couldn’t wait to be in the air. I was flying for about fifteen minutes and the engine stopped. Now I don’t know if you understand  anything about the “Pucker Factor” but I am quite familiar with it very clearly. It’s when all of a sudden you’re a**hole sort of disappears for a little while.

I started looking around for a place to set down. I dumped all the ordinance immediately and when the airplane was stable I began getting it ready to land, Gear, down, flaps up, cowl flaps open. In a little while, I was on final. I landed and when It stopped,  I saw a large body of soldiers coming toward me, I thought that was a bit of luck. Maybe I was going to get a ride back to the strip.

They were the guys I was looking for to strafe but never found and they immediately butt stroked me as soon as I crawled out of the cockpit and down I went into the dirt. I came to and found I was chained to a tree and they were digging a hole to put me in. That was a tense and grim realization. One of the soldiers kept laughing and he would run a finger across his throat and that gave him a new burst of enormous mirth and he would break out in a hyena-like a laugh and it bent him over at the waist. He was doing a little dance at his own joke. I failed to see the humor in it at the time.

Off in the distance, a convoy was going by and they were flying a Red Cross flag on the lead vehicle and on the rear one.  I was a little bleary-eyed because of the rifle butt to the chin but I understood this might be a way out of a situation where a little while ago there was no out for me. A Range Rover pulled up in a cloud of dust and stopped. A beautiful blonde got out and walked over to us. Her tits were bouncing inside her shirt and it occurred to me they were ample and I liked the look of what I could see. Here I was getting ready to be snuffed and I was thinking about getting laid.

She started talking to the head guy and an argument broke out between them. I didn’t think that was good. It went on for a few minutes and then she barked some orders to her driver and he drove off without her. In a few minutes, two trucks were coming our way accompanied by her Range Rover. The two larger trucks stopped near us and so did her vehicle.  Everyone was enveloped in a huge cloud of dust as they came to a stop. The people in the trucks jumped out and began unloading boxes. It looked like she paid a handsome ransom for me but quick enough I was escorted to the Range Rover and I got in the front seat with the blonde. She didn’t say anything so I said,

“I appreciate what you did back there. How can I ever thank you? I know, how about dinner tonight?”

She looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw and she said,

“For starters, you can keep your mouth shut. If you say one more word to me I’ll have my driver turn around and we’ll take you back to those soldiers and tell them we changed our mind the deals off.  That will leave you right back where you were just before I arrived. You know what that means?” I looked at her and wasn’t sure what to say and she started again, my head was throbbing from the blow to the chin.

“I don’t like what you do and so I don’t like you. You are one lucky man. In five more minutes you would have been hacked to death with machetes and then buried in an obscure grave where no one would have ever known about it or you. If you’re smart you’ll just keep your mouth shut and in three more hours you’ll be safe and out of my sight.” She spoke in a French accent but in beautiful English. I decided since she didn’t like me I would dummy up for awhile so I sat there until we arrived at a small village which was another fifty miles down the dirt road.

She barked an order and the driver stopped. For an instant, I thought she was getting ready to take me back. The soldiers didn’t find my small Smith and Wesson .357 magnum I had strapped to my ankle as I reached down for it. My head hit the window and she said,

“Get in the back!”

I did and we rode on in silence. I never saw her again.

That was the end of my P-51 career.

I never was paid by Ray Ban and I was declared “Persona Non Grata” in that part of Africa and was warned never to come back. They kicked me out of Nigeria with a warning, “never come back.” I never did return to that part of Africa anyway, there were other opportunities elsewhere later on.

L Michael Rusin

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Musings On Life

As we meander through this life, it is important to reflect on the events that shape us into what we have become and what we are consequently. We can pursue riches and fame or we can live our lives in quiet desperation dreaming of what we could have been instead of what we are.

We can watch the clouds rolling and unfolding in the heavens and express delight in the shapes we see that remind us of something we are familiar with, or we can dwell on the results of a test that may spell our doom. Happiness is always preferable than dark moments of despair.

Regardless of how we live our lives, we will all die someday and with that thought in mind remember, it does not matter, we are all terminal. A fleeting moment in time and then we are gone. What does matter after all is what it was we did while we were here and living that gift we were given to its utmost. Live your life as if it is the last day of it always.

Tell those who you love that you love them. Embrace your parents because they too are only temporary. Enjoy the antics of a pet because it will come to an end someday. Listen to your friends. Enjoy a sunrise and feel the rain drops on your face. Today may rain but we always know another day will be sunshine and warmth. It has been said it takes less muscle power to smile than it does to frown.

Lives end but they only end for any of us if we lose our souls. We come into this world with only one matter that is ours and we leave it with only one thing, our souls. Lose that and you will have lost it all. Do not live for riches, fame and power as your goals. Live for the happiness that comes with life and its events that embrace us with the happiness that surrounds each and every one of us. Those who lose their souls will be no more forever.

Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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Going To Sea As A Retreat

Some of you know I was in the retreat building business. Because of that I often get letters from people telling me they don’t believe a retreat will save them and their families if the world is suddenly turned inside out regardless of the cause. The effect will be the same in any case, we must be prepared to survive regardless of where we are when it happens. If you are a realist you will understand that not everyone will survive if the world goes through a period of large earthquakes, tidal waves, the reversing of the poles, solar waves from outer space impacting the earth or any other large, and potentially earth-changing storms. The writers go on to say the only real option is a well-stocked boat in their opinion. Let’s look at it if that is the case. I sailed my 41-foot sailboat for thousands of miles. Some of the problems I experienced were the following:


1. A constant need to restock the boat with food and water and sometimes gas or diesel.
2. Unfriendly governments where you decide to pull in for a little while.
3. Not understanding the rules where you pull into a port which can lead to disastrous problems.
4. Huge storms at sea.
5. Rogue waves at sea.
6. The chances of being run down by a freighter or container ship.
7. Piracy.
8. No immediate medical help in case it is needed. Anything can happen and at any time.
9. The on-going need to either fix or maintain the boat and equipment.
10. The problem of getting the mail or in general, staying in touch.
11. Having enough money to do any kind of continuous off-shore sailing.
12. Having the experience to deal with accidents, dismasting, losing a rudder, or a myriad of other mishaps at sea.
13. Knowing what to do during times of extreme stress, both physical and mental.
14. Dealing with crew members.
15. Having enough space to be by yourself.
16. Having adequate sea-going knowledge to deal with any contingency.
17. Having the funds to do your initial purchase, stores, equipment, books, and so forth and still, have enough to go to the next port.
18. Making the right choices the first time. Living with those choices.
19. Arming yourself or not.


Believe me, when I say, those items listed are only a small portion of what one has to deal with on a daily basis. Now, let’s say the world becomes locked in a cycle that is out of control regardless of the source. It is no longer friendly because everyone is on guard. You become a floating island. You are completely on your own. If anything happens you can not solicit or expect any help from anyone. At least on a land based retreat, there will be others to come to your assistance, on a boat, you and who you’re with is going to be your whole world.



When I was sailing, and that was forty odd years ago, every time I ventured into a port because I flew the American flag on my stern, I was singled out for special treatment. I was charged more for port fees than were other boaters, I was always overcharged for the goods I needed to purchase, and was always discriminated against simply because I was an America. Sometimes I didn’t fly a flag but they always found out because you have to show your passport when you go through Customs. Your boat’s documentation will also tell them what you are.



I was amazed at the rules that were in place everywhere I went. If you had been sailing for a couple of years, the societies changed while you were away. A good friend of mine sailed into a New Zealand port and was trapped there until he could raise the money to purchase an emergency locator beacon device. He wasn’t allowed to work while he was there because he was a foreigner, so little by little, he sold various things off the boat to buy food and to make the ELB purchase. Then he got out of there by sailing off in the dark. Another friend I ran into made landfall in Indonesia.


He was shocked to hear that his weapons he had onboard were going to be confiscated and there was no guarantee he would get them back once he left. The sign at the Harbormaster’s office read, If you have any weapons on your vessel you must declare them. If you don’t, and they are found later, the penalty for not declaring them is DEATH. That’s pretty heavy duty! You soon discover you’re no longer in Kansas. Those two stories and thousands more are typical of what one can expect once you leave American or Canadian waters in pursuit of freedom and safety.



Okay, so you decide to do it anyway and you fork out around a hundred thousand for a seaworthy boat, you spend several thousand more stocking it with food and diesel and all the spare parts you think you’ll need, and you weigh anchor. You are off to new adventure over the horizon.



If you depend on a GPS device to do your navigating, you’ll soon find out the salt water will corrode it.



Then it’s on the books for navigation. What, you didn’t buy an Airman’s Almanac, or the Latitudes and Longitudes books you need to navigate with?



How about a quality radio to get the time checks from Greenwich Mean England? You don’t have a sextant either? You thought you didn’t need one because the GPS was so accurate. You don’t have an accurate Chronometer either?



How about the ship’s compasses? You didn’t know they had to be swung and calibrated before you left. One degree off and you could be hundreds of miles off course.



One day you realize the propane for your cooking stove is running low so into a port you go and you find out they either don’t have propane or the nozzle fitting they use isn’t compatible with your tank’s fitting.



You discover to your amazement most people in the world don’t like you simply because you are an American and the harbor fees are triple what the Canadian is paying.



You see a small island. Your low on fresh water and make your way toward it. You’re lucky and find a way through the coral reef that surrounds the island by sending someone up to the spreaders, and you drop the hook. You can’t find any water on the island after spending several days walking through the jungles and are almost completely covered in insect bites. You go back to the boat and weigh anchor and head for a main port of entry. When you arrive, the Harbormaster tells you your boat was photographed by a military aircraft and you are subject to heavy fines for illegally making landfall at an unauthorized port of entry. That’s when you discover you forgot to get the VISA’s at the last port of call anyway.



On and on it goes. One day you realize if the world does come to an abrupt stop, there is no place you can go to for safety because you are a floating island.



Most boaters that are out there right now don’t have much in terms of spending money. They come into a port and they plead poverty and they are quickly relegated to a place of low esteem by everyone. Most of the time the local laws prohibit them from working, and they make do with whatever ingenuity they can come up with.



Some make clothes for other boaters, some cut or style hair, others mend shoes and others are handy man types and will do a variety of small jobs to make a few bucks. I saw people cleaning hulls, changing out zincs, painting, and doing small carpentry jobs. They are vagabonds with a little incentive. This is if all is going well. Sometimes tragedy strikes, and then those people who are escaping whatever perceived injustices or are in pursuit of a pure freedom lifestyle have to put it all into perspective.



A case in point; Two children are ashore in the south Pacific with mom and dad. The parents are sidetracked by another group of adults and the children, eleven and thirteen get bored. They decide to go back to the boat that is anchored offshore in the dinghy which is rowed with oars. Several hours later the parents catch a ride with another couple in their small dinghy and they arrive at their yacht to discover their two children are not there. They scan the horizon to no avail. A search and rescue are launched but the two children have never seen again. They were carried off by fast moving tides and are lost. Give me a retreat any day. I did my sailing and found out it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I was only thirty when I did it and that made a huge difference. Today I wouldn’t do it for anything because it is way too much work.



Grouping together with people on a retreat may not be the best of all worlds but it is a more likely survival endeavor than going out to sea on a boat. Sometimes we get lucky but if you’re unlucky only one time, it could be the only time you will ever be unlucky.



Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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You Have to Know Where you are Going to get There

You have to know where you’re going to get anywhere.

That should be self-evident, but how many people do you know are like a dog chasing their tail? They keep going around in circles and cannot seem to get one thing done. I ‘ll give you an example of what I mean:

Let’s say that you suddenly come into a great deal of money and your expenses are no longer a problem. You decide to go on a long globe-hopping trip. You pack a small bag, you know, essentials such as a toothbrush and a few miscellaneous items?  You don’t have to take much remember, money is no object so you plan to buy everything as you go and you will obtain it as the need arises.

Therefore, you’re all packed and ready to go in a moment and you arrive at the airport. You ask the airline ticket agent to sell you a ticket. What do you think the ticket agent will ask you?



Where are you going? If you can’t tell that person where you’re going no matter how much money you have to spend they will not sell you a ticket. Does that make sense?

Life is like that. You can’t do anything to a satisfactory conclusion unless you know where you’re going with your “Life Journey.” Once you know and you understand this is your goal, (whatever it is you have decided to do) you can go as far as you want to with it.
Many years ago, I had to make a decision to do something that was physically and mentally challenging. Not many people were able to do what I was faced with. However, some did make it through this difficult challenge and that was enough to convince me I could too, it was all I really needed to know after all, if so and so could do it, so could I. I knew at that moment what it was I wanted to do and that was all it took except for one more crucial thing;  never quit! Never give up! If you quit or give up regardless of the goal, you will never finish anything. It is a truth it is impossible to finish anything by quitting.

As a boy, during my early years, before I turned five, I used to hang around an old Indian man who was probably close to a hundred years old at the time. I hung around him and I am sure I bothered him a great deal, but he allowed it because we liked each other. His name was White Feather. He lived with an old woman who I only remember as Mama Yokum and she was a slave in the old south when she was a young woman. The term “Slave” didn’t mean anything to me at the time. She pointed out the scar on her ankle from the chains she wore when she was a child. He was an Indian Warrior during the Plains Wars in the Southwest. She was a slim woman and her black skin was highlighted by her pure white hair. White Feather was very much like her. His skin was nearly black and his long waist length hair was as white as snow.

White Feather taught me a tremendous amount of small mental exercises I could use to help me out in any situation as those same small techniques had done for him all his years. He had the scars on his chest from when he was hung during the cleansing ceremony and it was on that day that he began to learn. He told me the Great Spirit filled him with everything he needed to know that would carry him through the rest of his life on that day if he remained a man with honor. He had two bullet scars in his chest from the wars he fought with the American Cavalry on the frontier. When he pointed them out he told me it was his deep beliefs that spared him from death when each happened.

In my fourth month of my fifth year, my mother told me my father died, and in less than a year, my mother was dead as well. I never saw White Feather again because I was interred in the Saint Anthony Home for Orphans just outside San Diego, California until I was nine years old.

The lessons I learned are being shared with you if you have an interest. I suppose I had an advantage over some because I had no one to turn to as I was growing up. I did meet some of my family later on in life and was able to mend some of the things in my mind I didn’t know about. Little things which mean little to anyone else except me, like what was my mother’s birth date, and when she laughed how it sounded? Was she pretty and did people like her? I have no photographs of her.

Growing up, it was a different story and one that has left scars on my brain that is joined by others that I live with every day. The hurt and the loneliness that I suffered as a child was put there for me to make me grow strong like an oak and to make me resolute in my mind for the other hurt and pain that would come later in life. The same Great Spirit that I was told about by White Feather as a boy put these things in place for me. At least that is what I believe. I am not a particularly religious person but I do believe we have a superior being that created all there is.

As an individual,  you must direct your sights at what it is that you want, and you must travel to that goal as an arrow flies toward a target in order to succeed at anything. Life is not fair, people are not fair, and usually those who will cause you the most of the harm that comes into your life will come from those closest to you. Your friends and your family will sometimes be your worst causes of pain and disappointment. There is an old saying that describes it best, “Your own fleas will cause the most painful bites.”

If you can stay focused, and you know where you are going, that’s what it will take to get there, do not be sidetracked in your quest, listen to your personal guide in your mind and believe in it. If you expect to survive for what lays ahead, you will have to stay guided from within and stay strong as the oak tree. It will not be easy but the best things in life are always laced with difficulty and sometimes much pain. It is a learning experience which will stay with us all of our lives when it hurts so bad we feel we might not be able to stand it one more minute, and then it subsides. We remember and we learn from the experience. One of the greatest teachers we will ever experience in our lives are the most brutal and painful ones.


Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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California’s Child-my third novel

**** TOP 100 on for BIOGRAPHY for ALL of 2015****

California's Child: Inspired by a True Story by [Rusin, L. Michael]

Just when Scott Reynolds thought things couldn’t get worse, the unspeakable happened…

At the age of nine, convinced he had accidentally killed a bully trying to molest him, he jumped the fence and headed out into the vast wilderness of the California desert, alone. Could he make it through the blistering cold or would his asthma finally do him in? Would they catch him and throw him in prison for what he did to that boy? Fear kept him going, driving him forward as fear nipped at his heels like a wild dog.

His mother had died four years earlier, and it didn’t take long for Scott’s abusive Aunt to send him to Saint Cecelia’s Orphanage, where, as a ward of the State, he became California’s Child.

And from where he had just escaped.

When he thought about the consequences if they caught him, Scott realized that he would rather die than go back. Would they stop looking for him, or would he be on the run forever?


Although this book is inspired by true events, it is a work of fiction by the author. Though many of the places and events mentioned are real, the characters do not represent specific individuals. This story is written to simply reveal that many of the laws in America – although placed in an attempt to protect children – often times deprive them of a childhood that might have been more accommodating. When I was young, homeless children in California were essentially placed in the same category as criminals, and when those children were caught by the authorities, they were often locked up like common thieves for “safe keeping.”

As a result, the young boy in this story was compelled to keep moving or be incarcerated.
– L. Michael Rusin

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Is A Worldwide Depression Coming?

The world standard today is the dollar. I live close to Panama and they don’t use anything but the dollar. No matter where you go in the world, everybody accepts the dollar as payment for every sort of goods or services imaginable. You cannot do that with all currency, that is to say, travel worldwide and spend another country’s currency in stores and other places in a different country other than your own. Here in Costa Rica if you want to spend Euros or Francs, you have to go to the bank first and change them into Colones. It’s not the same story with dollars, to repeat myself you can spend them nearly everywhere.


There are rumors the US has borrowed and has spent more than thirty trillion dollars in the last eight years. Part of that debt is tied directly to the Iraq war, a portion is linked to the social benefits the US is compelled to pay for. Part of it is tied to other worldwide giveaways such as Foreign Aid and special Pork Projects our legislatures continually line their pockets with. My question is, therefore, can the US pay that staggering amount back?


The truthful answer is not very likely, and therein lies the economic problem that will take the entire world down with it when America’s finances begin to unravel.


When the US goes down the bankruptcy tube, every civilization and country on the planet will ride the whirlpool down to the bottom with it. The US cannot continue spending and borrowing and spending without an end to it. It will stop all of a sudden one day and that is when the crash will happen. Those nations who loaned the US money will demand it back sooner or later.


To put things into perspective between the last depression and the new one that is almost here think about the following data for a comparison;



In 1929, approximately 95% of the population of the US lived out in the suburbs and in the country proper. The other 5% lived in or close to the cities. When the depression hit it was bad, but it was not so debilitating because people had small gardens, a few chickens that roamed the yard, while others maintained some hogs and cows. The population was smaller and people largely were close knit. Most people out in the country knew each other and they depended on more on bartering than actual cash payments which were scarce.


Today the figures reflect an opposite story. 92% of the people live in or near, and very close to the major cities and as few as 8% are out in the country. Other people are scattered a little in between, not in the city but not exactly out in the country either, but I would not call it the suburbs. People didn’t have much in the way of spending money in 1929 but they ate fairly well in spite of the lack of cash. Those who suffered and felt the deprivations of the economy more than most in the US were the city dwellers. My Parents, Uncles and Aunts and my Grandparents told me in infinite details about what it was like during those times.


The food production system has changed considerably in terms of the growers and or the owners of the land, the cultivators, and the gatherers. Today it is done more by large conglomerates than by the small independent farmers such as was the case in 1929. Today a person on a tractor can plow, cultivate, seed and maintain considerably more acreage in a day than a man was able to do back during the depression years in a week or more when more farmers used horses than those who owned and used tractors. Today, it is a rare event to see horses working the fields with the exception of the Amish farmers and the Mennonites of course.


So, if the US cannot pay back its debt what will happen? Possibly the US will become a second rate banana republic, and as the world swirls into mass debt, things will no longer be as they were. More people will be riding bicycles and horses than driving cars. The era of credit cards will dwindle down to almost nobody having them. The modern home and ownership of them will become a distant memory except to a few. Thousands will commit suicide when their losses become too hard to bear. Old time and long-standing businesses will fold and with only those few left standing, the competitions among the masses will become fierce. Jobs will be at a premium and people will riot over the few that are left. It is a certainty riots will ensue in every major city. There are more than three hundred cities in the US with a population that exceeds 150,000, and that is where the civil insurrection will get started in earnest.


We are a dependent society. Others pick up our trash for us, maintain the roads, provide electricity, put out our house fires, and come to our aid when we are sick or suffer a debilitating accident. They come and arrest the bad guys who rob and steal and sometimes they lock them up thereby protecting society from the miscreants. When the services and the system overall breaks down, the dependents will rebel and demand, but it won’t happen. It won’t happen because people who provide all the service we all have come to rely on will not work for free. They’ll be too busy taking care of themselves and their own. We will be on our own and it is going to last a very long time. Most of us will be dead and gone and so will our great-great-great-great-great grandchildren before it turns around if it ever does. You and I will not even be a memory and no one will remember we existed. That is no excuse for us wanting to perpetuate our technology and preserving something that can be handed down to the coming generations.


It will be a time of cleansing. The welfare recipients will go mad when the food stamps and the welfare checks stop to flow. They will burn the cities down and they will leave blackened remnants of what was once a thriving America. The biggest losers, of course, will be those who benefited from cradle to the grave handouts. Those millions who cannot do anything except eat, steal and have babies and will perish first. The free lunch crowds and the demands for free everything will end overnight. However, remember this, those who are accustomed to free anything will not let it disappear easily and they will fight with all they have to preserve the freebies. They will be the most dangerous of the looters, the killers, and when there is no more food, they’ll eat you.


Initially, a Ghetto style living will become the norm rather than the exception because even the poor will need to group together for safety as roving bands like the Gypsies of old who moved from place to place picking the landscape clean like locusts do. They will band together for protection against the looters and marauders. This will become common. Those outside of common sense law will be vilified because their existence will depend on taking from those who are productive, and nearly everyone will persecute them. Well, armed roving bands of thieves and murders will move from place to place looking for easy pickings and there will be plenty of them. They will roam at will but that will end when the people finally tire of them and band together and begin to systematically eradicate them as the people in the US did to the American Indians. “A dead marauder will be a good marauder.” It will be the common saying among the people who simply want to survive in peace.


It will be the era of self-sufficiency. If you cannot compete or do, what is required to earn your daily bread you will die and nobody will care? Plagues will come and go and the US will remain in a state of destitution for at least a hundred or more years. Nobody will have the money to maintain a war and there will be fewer confrontations between countries. However, I do believe an exception to this will ensue; a nuclear confrontation will happen initially when the financial bubble bursts and the US has been crippled by it. That will be when what remains of the modern world will be reduced to a system much like the Dark Ages wherein feudal systems will spring up everywhere.

Once that happens, people will revert to Kitchen Chemistry where they will make their own soap, dyes, clothing and specialty products and so many other things they will need to learn how to do just to exist. There was a time in the US when people did that, they made their own instead of going to the store to buy something “Ready Made, or Store Bought.” Most of the people will live in a relatively primitive state as compared to today’s standard of living. The masses will be forced to take shelter in caves and construct houses out of thatch and twigs. Those who have the technology to make their own anything will be in demand by those who do not. The serious survivor will be one of those people who will pull the world out of this new Dark Age and it will be they that will lead the way to what will come. Those who survive will do this because only this group of self-taught individualists will have the knowledge gleaned from a well-stocked library painstakingly handed down from generation to generation wherein the know-how and techniques learned through long years of apprenticeship to survive will come into play. Those people will have the skills to butcher animals and they will know how long to let it hang for curing. They will also know how to butcher and they will improve on the many home remedies that are available today. Much will be lost to humankind during this time just as what happened during the last Dark Age when people forgot over time the world was really round.



Electricity, modern machines, engines, and those vestiges of a modern world will no longer exist or will be limited and held by a few who will lord them over everyone. Most machines will rust from disuse and no spare parts to keep them running. Slavery will come into its own again fostered by inter-rivalry and competition between feudal lords. There will always be a need for manual labor and the slaves that will come into being will take care of all needs of those who will seize control. What better way to handle your rivals that’s what the African chiefs did centuries ago?

Finally, social customs will change. Women will do what they are told by the men. They will not try to compete with the males; rather, they will be satisfied with their roles of homemakers, nurturers, organizers and teachers to the children. They will ensure the species survives. They will do their jobs and the men will do theirs. I know there are many women out there that will not like this part, but none of it is intended to be a slight or put down in any way, people will naturally gravitate to what they are best suited to be. When push comes to shove, we will all sacrifice something to this new world and a new way of living. Feminism is after all only a viable option for women when society accepts it. Once where laws in place served to protect women are gone, and nobody cares about preserving a system that puts the warrior in a second place situation, it will cease to exist forthwith. What was will soon fade away and remain only a memory? Time will pass and as the earth begins to rebuild itself it will slowly begin to cleanse its water, and air and the forest will grow back thick and the oceans, lakes, and rivers will begin to build new schools of fish and other life forms and the replenishment will happen. The forests and plains will abound again with teeming herds of life. Those who despoil will not be tolerated later because it is a lesson that the later generations of man will not allow to happen. At least I certainly hope that is the way it will ultimately be.

You and I as serious individuals will be the people who will be the teachers, the elders that the other generations will look to when there is a need to know how to do certain things. The day of the iPod and personal computer will come to an end for the common people but will continue in some circles because the rich always seem to survive no matter what happens. Their wealth cushions them from most societal negative happenings. It is you and people like you who will ultimately make the difference so I respect any serious person who makes the effort and the sacrifices to do what is going to be necessary to live when everything around you is dying. It is you who will determine the future of mankind and the earth. Keep up the good work. Keep hoarding everything, you’re going to need it sooner than you think.

Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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Is the US already in a Dictatorship?

Today, about two hundred forty years later from the year 1776 we are separated by just a little over three long lifetimes of people who knew and talked to people who lived in the early years of the 1900’s, and those people looked into the eyes of people who lived in the early 1800’s and those people who knew men and women who lived in the 1700’s. Two hundred thirty-three years ago isn’t such a long time if you think about it. The reason for this observation is simple enough, the changes that have evolved between people of those eras and today is remarkable, to say the least.


Once the United States fought its second war with England of 1812, it turned its back on Europe for about a hundred years and looked toward its own west for the purposes of growing a country. That happened mainly because while that war raged, America weaned itself from Europeans for manufactured goods and began the process of manufacturing those needed things herself. The changes that occurred from 1776 until 1900 were remarkable. A mere one hundred twenty-four years and America grew from a scattering of settlements to a worldwide powerhouse. It grew both in wealth and in respect throughout the planet. The changes we observed from George Washington’s government to the government of today are even more remarkable yet and worth a review.


Washington had four major problems to overcome during his eight years as the first President of the United States of America. He was known as a Federalist and wanted a strong Federal Government. He knew that most Americans did not trust the government and he wanted to instill trust of the people in its own government for it to succeed. He also needed other countries to respect his country. He owed a great deal of money to other countries and it owed many private citizens who loaned money to the US during the Revolutionary War era. The States owed its fair share to others as well. In addition, he needed a stable currency. So, he asked Congress to establish the first Cabinet.


They were:
State to work with other countries,
The Treasury to figure out how to pay everyone back that was owed,
The Department of War to defend the United States, and
Justice to enforce the Laws of Congress.
Fifty million dollars was owed by the Federal Government and about twenty-five million by the States.


The US had to be known throughout the world as a country that paid its debt off, and that it was good for its obligations which in that day reflected honor. The problem was the US had no way of raising money. It turned to its citizens and began collecting taxes toward this end. First, a tax on imports was levied on Americans on imported goods and a second tax was an excise or sales tax on goods sold inside the country. The US also needed a reliable bank to house and distribute the funds collected by the US and to distribute those funds. Some objected because the Constitution made no mention of a National Bank. This was the first time the US Government skirted the US Constitution.


Today the situations the US has to deal with are different. The US owes so much money that in all probability it will never be able to pay that staggering debt off. If one was to stack one dollar bills on top on each other a trillion of them would reach a staggering twenty-seven miles high. Nations that have invested in the US are getting nervous about having bought into the US’s credit problem as well they should be. The US government by reckless spending has indentured every child alive in America with a debt that will hang around their necks until they are all great, great, great, great grandparents, perhaps longer. It may be a debt that will be around for at least another two hundred forty more years. Maybe they will reflect on it in sixty years from now about what it was like to live or be born in a country that was the richest and most powerful the world has ever known since the ancient Romans. The Romans ruled the majority of the known world and that great super power lasted a lot longer than two hundred plus years before it fell to the barbarians and its own citizenry.


When Congress recently passed a law taxing the bonuses that were given to AIG executives at a rate of 90%, and it is now the law of the land unless it is revoked by another act of Congress, has it ever occurred to anyone of you, that if they can do that to the AIG people, they can surely do it to you as well? If the government can make an arbitrary decision without any input from the people first as to whom they can take over before they are too big to fail, can they not do that to you as well? The US is in the first stages of a dictatorship, and the only recourse you have as citizens is to voice your dissent now and hope the Storm Troopers don’t come down on you like they did at Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas or Oregon.


When and if the citizens are formed together in one cohesive group that will be large enough and strong enough to make their voices heard without the intimidation of the government’s Storm Troopers and all those who would enslave you and you do it now, before the net closes and all your rights are all gone forthwith, you may have a chance to save a near empty shell of the Republic that was formed by our founding fathers. The next one and only chance Americans have to save themselves will be the election in 2016. After that, there is absolutely no hope left. If there are no changes those that say they will fight to the death better prepare themselves for the battle because you will die either in body or spirit and you will do it in abject poverty. Maybe in a FEMA Prison Camps.


To add fuel to the fire of the staggering debt you already have Mexico wants billions more to control the Drug Army on the border, and Central America’s Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua wants billions as well, this coming from a man who is already in bed with the Castro Brothers and Iran.


Our Congress hasn’t made so much as a pitiful effort to stop the assault on our individual rights, the unchecked and illegal plundering of our treasury by this sitting President and his Executive Orders that are treasonous and tantamount to a surrender of our rights and their responsibility to protect the Constitution. The Supreme Court has done nothing to stop these assaults on our freedoms and on the plundering of our treasury. Likewise, they and the Congress have done nothing about the swarms of illegal immigration that should be called what it is, an invasion of our country by enemies from all over the world.


Are we already in a soft dictatorship? I would answer with a resounding YES! Our fundamental Constitutional Rights have been trampled into the ground and our debt is so huge we will never be able to recover from it or pay it all back. Which means, our military, the greatest and strongest the world has ever seen will become a shell of what it once was. Our beautiful infrastructure will go downhill into a countryside strewn with trash, garbage, old furniture, and abandoned junk cars everywhere we look. Our education system will continue to sink into a warehouse full of uneducated derelicts where they while away their hours distracted by a dichotomy of Marxist drivel and then go home and make another baby. We will be overrun by foreigners who will not be peacefully assimilated into the culture but continue to hail their own former countries as the Nirvana it never was. Of course, there is more, much more but the point has been made by this writer and I see no reason to beat it into the ground.


Remember, our nation which was once the greatest civilization since the Roman Empire will be remembered by old people reminiscing as their minds begin to fade into a mixture of what was fact and what can be remembered with clarity and then they will die and there will be no one to recall what it was like to live in the greatest and richest free country on earth. It will be as it once was, there will be people who looked into the eyes of those who caused this to happen to them and others who looked into the eyes of those who looked into the eyes of……


Our legacy as a civilization will be indentured servitude to our children. But take solace, those elitists and their kin who are manufacturing the collapse of our society will be the ones snapping the whips to keep those backs bent pulling those heavily laden barges.

Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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As a boy my country was the richest……

I grew up in a country as a young boy it was the richest country on the planet. In that country, we were all ruled by a powerful government. It had the power to control everything we did on a daily basis. Back then it was in an age of fewer communications than we have today. The news wasn’t necessarily instant, people sifted through the news stories on a regular basis and seldom did we get the most recent news until the following day. Sometimes we got it on the day it happened but it had to be something significant in order for that to occur.



We didn’t all have telephones in our homes. Most of us had party lines we shared with our neighbors. Not many of us had televisions either. Most of us did have a radio and that sufficed. We didn’t have telephones in our cars or cell phones. We didn’t have insurance on our homes and seldom did a house burn down. What some of us did have in common with one another was a number that you needed to get some time around the time you got a job. It was a Social Security number. Not everyone had one, but we were all told that sooner, or later, we would have to. It was never supposed to be used as identification. In fact, that was printed in red letters on the face of the card. “Not To Be Used For Identification.” Once you got that number the powerful government was able to track everything we do, what we buy, where we live, you needed it to open a bank account, and basically for proper identification. You also must have had it to get a job. Later, the government made it mandatory at birth. Babies are issued SS numbers now. That was the beginning to the enslavement of the American people.



We were allowed to say almost anything we wanted to say and to anyone most of the time. The government didn’t care about what we said as long as we were paying into the various funds that were set up to keep us productive and paying. Freedom of Speech was a given and people thought it made them free. At the same time the Government gave those who had their cards money when they didn’t have a job, it gave them food and other staples if they were in need. The people could have sex freely and the government stayed out of those affairs by and large. After all, sex wasn’t something the government was too concerned about.



With those freedoms, the government took a great big chunk of what you earned, turning the earners into economic slaves. Yet the people believed they were free. They could say anything they wanted to say and the SS card was never going to be used for identification and sex was our right, the government stayed away from all of those things.



Sixty years later, the government makes no secrets about you and me, and the control the government has over all of us. They recklessly spend our money on other governments who hate us, those who can and do spend our money do it like a drunken sailor on shore leave. The worst part of this story is there is, no accountability, no checks, and balances. Yet, we cannot refuse to pay into the funds that take our money at the point of a gun, from badge carrying thugs who demand their tithing on a regular basis. Yet, the majority of the people believe we are free. We are not free, and sooner, rather than later, when this government called the “Bastion of Freedom” will be unmasked without the trappings it displays under the red white and blue constantly being displayed.



When we as a Republic have a population of several million who don’t work, don’t care to work and live on the shady side of honesty and those people are allowed to vote, there is no way the Republic will survive.



Today it is a cliche to read when a certain segment of a population can vote themselves benefits by simply voting for those who will make those benefits actual entitlements, nothing can be done to reverse this entrenched trend into place. The only way the kind of change necessary to reverse it and come about in a society is through violence.



Most people don’t like radical change. They fight it tooth and nail. Unfortunately, the only thing that is constant is change itself. The only way what has been happening to America over the last sixty years can be reversed is going to come about through sheer violence. The violence I am referring to is going to be horrific and when the dust settles, depending on who wins this war, will be the tale of what America will be in the future. In all probability it will be a Marxist Socialist bloc reminiscent of what was dominant in a large part of Europe during the Cold War, or it will revert back to a Republic for and by the people. It’s going to take a great deal of death and destruction to get America back to where it should never have deviated from.



Unfortunately, history shows us what has happened in the past when evil men and women take over a system and turn it into a self-serving tyrannical dictatorship. We only need to look back to the Germans in the late twenties and on through the mid-way mark of the forties, to understand what is in store for America. A legally elected government was put in place to enact changes that were suffocating their economy. The war debt placed on Germany was crushing because they started World War One. Hitler came into being and that legally elected government put to death six million of its own citizens. Does anyone really believe it can’t happen here? You better take a dose of reality before jumping to any other conclusion.



We are in the first stages of a Dictatorship enacted by people indoctrinated in the Marxist ideology and determined to force it down the throats of the rest of us. Those who are encouraging this transition are your enemies. They are against freedom and choices we have long enjoyed as a free nation. The goal is to enslave the rest of us as they set themselves up to be the Elitist who will rule you and I. They will break you economically and they will bend you to their way of thinking by denying you food if you resist. You better wake up to what is happening. This is no longer a guessing game as to what will happen because it is happening now.



My father’s generation fought the greatest world war ever fought on this planet only to be losing to the same kinds of principals they fought against. We as a once free people need to be gearing ourselves up for the war that is here now. If, as a free person, you fear death over life as a slave, there isn’t much I can offer except this. We all die. It is our destiny. Would you rather live as a slave and then die as one? Or would you rather take the risk for freedom and make a stand now? We are all given choices in this life and we are getting a national choice. We will either fight this beginning Dictatorship now or forever more be enslaved under the fist of a communist regime.



America is not the country I grew up in, went into the service to serve and came back as a young adult to watch the beginnings of the ruination of my nation by eco-zealots, young communist and a segment of the society that rejected those values most of us held high, and which made us proud of our great country. There was no porn when I was a kid, there were no cell phones. We had party lines and most of us could only watch one or two channels on the TV. Yet we survived and went into adulthood.



We had to make the grades to get into a university, we shunned those in our society who stole from us and lied. We avoided being seen with people who were perverts or who were lazy derelicts. We got jobs out of college or High School and maintained a credit rating if we wanted more than a simple lifestyle devoid of the nicer things in life such as being a home owner instead of an apartment dweller.



Not many of us would have believed a nation could be swayed to give a fish or an owl preferential treatment over a working class of people and denying them their ability to make a living. Few of any of us could imagine an illegal immigrant getting benefits from a number of public pools reserved to help Americans and we watched these benefits drain the richest economy on the planet down to nothing. I’d venture a guess and say Fort Knox is full of dust, empty pallets, and dead moths, the gold having been squandered on wars protecting people who hate us, and governments that hate us.



There are many countries that have freedom. Norway is one and Sweden is another. The lamp of Liberty that once beckoned people who had nothing but hope to come to our shores is all but a glimmer of its once bright beckoning light. Freedom in America is an illusion. Some of us see it for what it really is while others refuse to see what has happened to our once great country.I’m no smarter than the rest of you but I see it, why can’t so many see it too?


Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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The Fourth Estate

A magician is a master at making you see or believe what they want you to believe and see even though what they are presenting is merely an illusion. This is what is happening in America right now. We are being spoonfed information that has a little truth in what we are seeing and hearing. In fact, the majority of what we see and hear is an illusion. It’s no secret powerful people in politics hire psychiatrist to help them impart their messages to their constituents. Manipulating facts and separating truth from illusion.


A major case in point is the national media. They were considered the fourth estate, and they were given special privileges simply because they were there to ascertain and report the truth of various incidents that happen on a daily basis. There was a time in America when journalism was truly an art and reporting it was fair and accurate. Today that is no longer the case. It is abundantly transparent the media has crossed over the line between false reporting and truthful reporting. They no longer are biased, they are there to serve a particular agenda, and to those of us who watch and hear what it is that they report, it is clear to us what those agendas are.


A journalist job is to report stories about certain events occurring anywhere in the world. But being men and women, who have their likes and dislikes, it has become difficult for the latter-day reporter to state what has happened without inserting their personal likes and dislikes in the articles they write. That is inherently unfair to their readers, because if you elaborate on any incident in such a way as to allow your prejudices to dominate what it is that you’re writing about, you are cheating your readers out of making a decision of their own based on what it is that you’re writing about. That, of course, is the plan. It has been used successfully many times in different parts of the world and by differing cultures such as the NAZI Party did and Pravada.


Many times a journalist who has earned a reputation for their excellence in reporting have a tendency to develop a following of readers. We see this one certain author who writes columns that become widely popular because of their content and because of the way that content is written. So, they develop a following of many readers in certain instances that readership can amount to thousands or even millions of fans.


That is a powerful person who commands that many readers. Sometimes these popular journalists begin to be swayed in certain avenues not best suited to them because of the power they wield. A very popular and former journalist by the name of Walter Cronkite was one of those people who was respected, admired and who was widely trusted by a very large majority of the American population, and we find out after his death he was a CIA operative and a New World Order advocate.


Walter Cronkite was so popular in his day he could easily have run for the office of the president of the United States of America and probably would’ve won. In fact, as the Vietnamese war was being fought, and largely won, in midstream of his reporting he began to allude to the falsehood that America was losing the war and we should pull out as soon as possible. University students in America took to the streets and violent protest destroying public property, burning their draft cards, many left the US and went to Canada and Sweden to avoid the draft. Very little was done about these transgressions and yet journalist like Walter Cronkite sided with the opposition to the war and thus influenced the outcome. The Vietnamese war lasted at least ten years, they weakened the effectiveness of the military, destroyed the peacemaking progress at the Paris peace talks, and more than 57,000 men and women died as a result simply because the fundamental thought process of the American public was swayed and contaminated by people who could not hide their bias.


Today, the fourth estate is no longer an unbiased body. They continually take sides and primarily the side of the left who in my opinion are the architects of the destruction of the American way of life. As a country, we are on a fast track to servitude to a body of a handpicked elites who are noted for their self-enhancing tactics which are aimed at American values, morals, and most important their very freedom. In so doing these nefarious deeds toward us, what happens is, they have depleted one of the richest treasury’s on earth, allowed illegal immigrants to swarm into our country like a brown tsunami and depleting resources put in place for Americans by Americans. They have stolen our rights and given them to bugs, birds, fish and other nonsensical causes which have nearly destroyed not only our treasury but has reduced the value of the dollar and has caused the deterioration of everything that is American.


The fourth estate is not neutral. They are lying, cheating and bottom feeding traitors to the country and to the people they supposedly represent. In fact what they really represent is themselves, which comes down to ratings they need to garner on a regular basis or lose money, and what it is all about is money. The more they have, the more they make, the more they want. We as a nation have been sold down the river by one of the protections we once enjoyed from the news reporting agencies throughout this great country.

Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice.

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The Liberal/Marxist Agenda in America


Obviously, most of us see the changes to the US were subtle, and as the changes advanced the Liberals saw that they could go to the polls and elect their own with the same mindset. That’s when it progressed rapidly through the sixties and the seventies. I’ve watched it for fifty years and the difference between 1960 and today is much like a sequence of events that moved speedily, beginning to pick up speed around 1965. None of us would have guessed what was coming at us all back then. Worse yet, none of us would have believed it.


We look back today and we don’t like it but most of us did little to stop it.
The Vietnam War was the key ingredient when the younger people decided they didn’t have to do what they were being told to do was the right thing to do. They wanted to have unrestricted sex, do as many drugs as they thought they could get away with, and burn down parts of cities; additionally, they refused to go into the military, defy all authority and cause as much dissension as was possible. It was very much what spoiled kids do when their parents want them to do something they don’t want to do and they pitch a fit, except in these cases they went to extremes. The authorities were overwhelmed and so the kids got away with it all as they had their temper tantrums.


Very few paid for the crimes they committed against their own country including those who ran away to Canada and Sweden to avoid the draft. They burned the flag, burned their draft cards, and generally defied all of the authorities to do anything about it. Some wound up in jail, and some suffered a few knocks with Billy clubs, but most of them did the civil insurrections and got away with it.


When these affairs happened and the younger people realized they could do whatever they wanted to do and there were no consequences for their actions, the popularity of saying things like “The US is the great evil of the world” and others decided to take up their causes. The American Indians raided Alcatraz Island and took it over. Fort Lawton in Washington State was nearly taken over because the Indians contended any land that was to become surplus had to go to them. At the same time, the women welcomed access to the Birth Control pill, and could finally control what happened to them once they could control it at will. Sex was no longer something the woman had to guard themselves against, and they quit wearing their bras. The social changes were coming at us all like a runaway train.


Others saw the trend and decided to air their private grievances in the public place and the homosexuals came out of the closet. The blacks prevailed with Civil Rights and were thrust to the head of the lines along with women rights coming forward. Everyone all of a sudden had an ax to grind, and grind they did.


In the meantime, those who took to the streets began to fight the people in charge of the government and wanted the troops out of Vietnam. In 1968 there were fewer than 5,000 casualties in South East Asia and the military leader General Giap was on the verge of throwing in the towel, but the street protests got his attention and he decided to wait and see what was going to happen. The Paris Peace Talks were tabled.


The war ended a few years later and the casualties surpassed 58,000. If you want to know who was to blame, take a hard look at the facts and what happened in the States during that time frame. Those are the same people who are in office today and voting away your rights, giving your money away by the trainload and doing everything they can to not only control your every movement but to seize your very American spirit.


They control your money. Your taxes have become a money making machine which they squander as soon as they get it and most of those who are doing this are Democrats. Personally, I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I like to call myself a “Constructionist.” I believe we need to rebuild what has been destroyed by enemies of liberty and personal enemies of the people.


Once the American coup d’état was carried out the day President Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas is when the people of America went into mourning. After a time they came back with an evil that has nearly destroyed America. Most of those who instituted this breakdown were the rich kids but not all of them were the rich. Most were college age and were out having the time of their lives as America was ripped apart. To them, it was a big joke.


Many of those rich kids didn’t go to the extremes that another rich kid, Bill Ayers, and his girlfriend Bernadine Dohrn did. There were many of them who were indoctrinated by a Communist dogma and it was all designed and aimed at bringing America down to its knees. America was bent over the chopping block to await the headsman’s ax. They have nearly succeeded thus far.


Bill and Bernadine are best pals with Zero, and look at what’s happening to the country. Look at what the SEIU is doing to America. Look at what all the Unions are doing and realize, it is a plan perpetrated by those who hate America and want to bring it down. They will do it too if they aren’t stopped. Congress stopped giving taxpayer’s money to ACORN but resumed when their lefty friends pulled the most favorable strings.


All social changes I have witnessed in these many years I have been a witness to are those things that I believe are bad for America and have accelerated at an ever increasing speed. There is little doubt to a man who is reasonably aware of what they are doing; it is the purposeful degradation of everything that is beautiful in and about America. The changes I have witnessed have all been violent and bloody. In the end, change does happen but I wonder if what is in store for all America is what most of us really wants?


There is only one way to radically change what is happening, and all of Americans need to join in and make it happen. We Americans need to vote those career politicians out of office and institute our own changes. We can do that by giving the whole system a massive enema. Kick them all out and start fresh with new people. Institute term limits for all of them including judges. Make changes to the Constitution to reflect those things Americans want and do it now before it is too late. Make it law of the land that any law passed by Congress applies equally to the politicians who made those laws. No more raises for them and let them live with the same healthcare the rest of us are compelled to live with. Eliminate all Federal pensions that are bestowed on them after serving one term.


One more term of office of the likes of Zero and there won’t be anything left to change that will help you. Additionally, the next time some public official gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, cut it off. You have to put consequences back into the minds of people because it is the right thing to do. To stop the Boogie Man you have to confront him and then stop him in his tracks. The Liberals must have the message delivered to them that we the people won’t tolerate what they have been doing anymore. They work for us, not the other way around and they need to have that understood without any reservations. No more statements like, “Pass the bill and then see what’s in it.”


All outsiders that come to America and stir the pot with anti-American dialogue must be excluded from bringing their poison to our shores. If they break the law they need to be jailed. If they commit treason on our shores against America they need to stretch a rope. Those at home and are homegrown must be dealt with in the most severe terms to make those who would poison the well an example to those who may have thought about doing it.


America must seal the borders. To do that we must shut down all overseas military bases and bring our troops home. We must stop fighting other country’s wars for them. Put our troops on the Border. Stop Foreign Aid. It is no longer in America’s best interest to give our money away regardless of who is getting it. Stop illegal immigration to America. Stop immigration to our shores by anyone who wants to come here for a free lunch. Stop all welfare to those who could be working and earning a living. Stop subsidizing the worthless and the degenerates. Put into place checks and balances to those who receive our tax dollars as subsidized benefits. Make them pass drug tests. Make them prove they cannot work.


There are thousands of jobs that could be accomplished by derelicts, cleaning up the roadsides of trash, debris, and weeds, have them working repairing the infrastructure such as painting bridges, mending highways and fighting forest and brush fires. Put them working in the National Parks repairing the paths and various public campgrounds. These are just openers as to what can be done.


A very important step is for the people demand the FED be dissolved. Our government should be in the business of printing our money. The people’s bank should be controlled by us not a private conglomerate of self-serving bankers. It is our money, to be controlled by us and not by a group of people who are making our money their huge profitable and personal business.


America is a great country. We have refined freedom that pierces the gloomy ink impenetrable fog wherever tyranny thrives. We have long beckoned the oppressed and the poor to come to us and be free. People once came to our shores to escape tyrannical governments. Today they come but not for freedom, they come for the free lunch and the benefits America offers the poor. Yes, they come and they plunder the coffers set up to take care of Americans. Along with those who came to America came some terrible and sinister ideas. They set up foundations and businesses that are stripping Americans of their birthrights through legislation and lawsuits aimed at stripping us of our money and our basic rights.


They have infiltrated our schools and are educating our young into becoming Marxist puppets. We must do away with ACLU, NAACP, ACORN and all Unions who preach the rights for Americans are to be preserved but they are destroying America like cancer from within. What audacity Americans must endure when a communist front organization such as the Black Caucus thrives within the membership of individuals who are in Congress to represent us. What bothers me most is that we are allowing it and we are paying for it. It is time to end the tyranny they are pounding down our throats.


Sharia Law will sink any state or country. Ask people in Britain, France, Denmark or Iran what the benefits are from an archaic set of rules painted as a religion of peace really is. Ask women who are chattel. Ask anyone if it is okay for a man to marry and have sex with a five-year-old girl. Ask a woman’s family if after a year or so of marriage to a Muslim man is it okay to have the family get their daughter back without their dowry and then have the family kill that daughter because of it? Do Americans seriously want to live under a set of rules and regulations that go back to a desert dwelling people who seldom have running water, quality personal hygiene or common sense not to understand having sex with underage boys and with animals is not a lifestyle any westerner would embrace?


I feel this is the most important in terms of one of the major things we can do to stop the hemorrhaging of our resources. Get us out of the United Nations. Shut down the UN building in New York City. Stop funding the UN in any of its causes or needs. The UN is anti-American and votes against whatever is good for the United States of America consistently. And finally, stop trading with China.


Years ago when I was involved in the Rock and Roll business as a Concert Producer I hired Motorcycle Gang members to control what happened inside the concert hall. I paid them well to control what happened inside the arena. I paid handsomely for it and I received their loyalty. When someone tossed a bottle into the crowd out of meanness, or out of boredom before the concert started, or during, my security would go into the crowd, pull them out and stomp them into a pile of jelly for the offense. It only happened once. When the crowd saw what happened to the transgressor, no one was willing to repeat the dangerous offense again. It came about because at one of the shows someone threw a bottle and hit a nine-year-old girl in the head. It broke many bones in her face. I vowed that would never happen again. It did again, but only once. The little rat that threw that bottle is a cripple to this day. The word got out that to come to any of my concerts you had to behave yourself and people did. They understood that consequences were always attached if anyone endangered the rest of the patrons who were there merely to have a good time. Extreme? You bet, but it worked. On the other hand, those who attended my concerts and simply wanted to have a good time, I made sure their safety was guaranteed, that was what the concert was all about after all. Paying to see a Rock Star or a group of Rock Stars perform without having to fear someone was going to throw a bottle or a brick into the crowd and put someone in the hospital.


We need to take steps that will get the left’s attention. We cannot wait any longer. Look at what they have accomplished in as little as 75 years and with the serious damage happening in the last 50 years. It is our country. It is our government. We have the right to take what is ours back. Peacefully if it can be done, but by any means, if that is what it comes down to. It is our way of life that is in jeopardy, and we need to take legal steps to guarantee America remains the home of the brave and the land of the free. Most important, we need to preserve FREEDOM in the land of the Free.

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