The Three Flies

Three flies were sunning themselves on the handle of a pitchfork stuck in a large pile of fresh manure. One said to the others,

“Man that smells yummy, it’s making me so hungry I can’t think.”

The other two concur, and they decide to fly down, and partake of the succulent banquet.

After eating their fill, they fly back up to the handle, and are once again basking in the warm glow of the sun. One of the flies says,

“That was so good, I just have to go down and have some more of that delicious shit.”

The other two say in unison,

“Not me, I’m stuffed. I’m not sure I could fly back up here if I did.”

They high five each other at their cleverness. The hungry one leaps off the handle. Down he goes in an uncontrolled spiraling and crashes into the pile of fresh manure, and is buried in it on impact. “Zooot, gurgle, gurgle!”

The moral of this story boys and girls is, “Never fly off the handle when you are full of shit.”

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