I’m certainly not as smart as many of you out there and as a result, I have many questions I do not have answers to. One of those questions that need an answer is, once anyone utters a threat toward someone else, is that not an actual threat?

I have others as well. Once someone goes on a public rant and stirs people up to such an extent as to begin rioting, burning, looting and causing injury to others, is that not inciting a riot?

If a public official elected by the people of the American Republic cannot accept the will of the majority of the people in terms of a national election, are they to be deemed to be fit to hold any office?

If those same official who was voted into office by the people and they decide not to uphold the law, are they a lawbreaker of are they immune from prosecution or should they be prosecuted as you and I would be?

Perhaps there are people out there that have these answers because I sure don’t. If America will continue to have a dual standard for certain Americans and allow them to go unpunished for their abuses to “We the People” and then come down on the rest of us like a piano falling from a four-story building, is that a fair and just system?

Just wondering. A perplexed American.

L Michael Rusin

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