We Are Being Assaulted From Within

Unfortunately, our great nation is being assaulted from within and over the last eight years from beyond our borders. Most of us know as Americans, we have been blessed because we live in a land of plenty, and as a result of capitalism, we have enjoyed an unprecedented life of not having to do without most of the basic needs we all need. That isn’t to say that we don’t have our poor who don’t have all of the extras one might want, but even our poor in America have a place to live, they have enough to eat and they enjoy healthcare administered by the many County public hospitals.

The last eight years in America have been plagued with a never ever ending the assault on not only our human rights but our language has been distorted to mean something other than what it actually means, we have watched our country being flooded with illegal’s pouring across our borders unchecked. We are assaulted with a crime rate perpetrated by people who shouldn’t be here, to begin with, and yet we are told this is a human right for these people who break the law getting here and then go on to parasitically gorge themselves on our benevolence. Then, our elected officials try to shove down the American throat this ridiculous concept of sanctuary cities.

Most of us in America are a forgiving people we give our money, our technology and often times our youth are squandered in a never ending series of wars. Europe has thousands of our young service men and women buried over there. The grave markers laid out so methodically can scarcely be counted, but the dead lay there nevertheless in silent testimony to the sacrifices America has given to many an ungrateful foreign nation. Because many of these deaths have occurred decades in the past, they get forgotten by the youth of today. They never seem to understand that those young people, many of them the same age of the ungrateful masses who have the audacity to protest regardless of the reasons but who have had the opportunity to live in a country as free people.

The same youth of today think it.s great fun to burn our flag, to destroy their neighbor’s property, to wantonly destroy and loot businesses which were built by average Americans. They run through the streets and scream obscenities at America, they block access to our highways, they destroy everything in their path wantonly, and they asked us to respect their causes. What they deserve instead are harsh punishments. Many of them should be tied to post and whipped until they get it through their sick heads, that the majority of us will not tolerate this any longer. For the more egregious crimes against we Americans, some of them should be publicly hanged on the spot as a warning to others, to continue in this is what you’ll get as well. We have come to a point in our society when we can no longer tolerate these crimes against we the people, in fact, against America.

There are those who would deny these punishments are justified, but unfortunately, the only thing many of these people understand who exert a terrible force against we the people must suffer the consequences of a harsh punishment in order to get their attention. That is why we have jails and prisons, to make sure those who step outside of our laws are punished, and some severely with the punishment of death. Many of us do not like the death penalty however, those were put to death do not continue to commit an additional crime. That is a documented fact.

Our elected officials need to bring forward all force necessary to control people who are out of control and have to be taught the most severe of lessons if you screw with the bull expect the horn as a consequence. We had a President who scoffed at the law of the land and refuses to obey the law himself. This man is a blight on freedom in a malignant cancer in a land where individual liberty is still cherished by the majority. Fortunately for America, this former president, a scofflaw and a hater of America’s values and morals is gone, and the new president will have the ability to take some of these measures into an account and restore law and order to America. It is my fervent wish this will happen, and I pray to God the usurpers of liberty will be dealt a blow they will long remember.
Semper Fi

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