We Have Been Taken Over From Inside

Americans have allowed several deceitful, malignant, rogue governments to infest its lands. We are inundated with laws that curtail our freedom of speech, our unencumbered access to pass through Federally Regulated lands, our National Parks and anywhere else we have the freedom to travel to and visit at our will. Thank God we are past those traitors.

We have been stopped from gainful employment by nonsensical laws that give preferential treatment to fish and birds all in the name of saving some obscure species from mankind. Our forests have been denied to loggers and our waters to fishermen. It has caused undue hardships to second and third generations of family businesses and occupations.

We have been prevented from speaking words that are part of our national vocabulary to appease some groups or entities. It is a national censorship. We can no longer say words that have been part of our nation for over a century because someone finds it offensive.

We as a nation are being driven by these insufferable actions by small groups who feel that because we as a people do not accept them or what they represent, or what they believe, contrary to what we believe as a nation, we are wrong and they are right and they have helped hammer out laws that penalize the rest of us.

We are being subjected to laws that can deprive us of our liberty and our money through the use of a court system that is blatantly corrupt, who time and again show their bias in the decisions they hand down that affects us as a people and as a nation. They fine us or they put us in jail. It is at their whim.

We have had our national religion, Judeo/Christian scoffed at, bit by bit dismantled before our very eyes, and subjected to unreasonable decisions that completely destroys what we as a people by and large believe in. It has been replaced with a “Killer Cult” lifestyle and religion which most of the Christians abhor. We were told we had to adhere to a separation of church and government and prayer was forbidden in our schools. Only to be replaced by another religion forcefully administered to us as a free people and leaving us no choices.

We kill millions of our unborn children through surgical procedures which in effect is the killing of a helpless child still trapped in the mother’s womb. It isn’t called murder but what else can you call taking the life of an innocent?

We elected a man to our highest office in the land through sophisticated and nefarious machinations of our free election process. He was crushing and shredding our most precious documents through willful acts that are illegal. He has flooded our country with people who worship an entity that is contrary to what our laws and every conceivable document we have in our achieves which state in stark contrary to what he had been trying to implement into our body of free men and women. Everything Obama did was against our laws and against what we as a people believe in.

Our borders are wide open and we are being inundated by people carry diseases that were once contained here at home. Our resources reserved for us have been either bankrupted or stretched so far they are in the process of breaking down. We as a nation are being subjected to allowing our enemies to invade us and we seem to be powerless to stop the invasion. We carry a debt so enormous that there is at this late date, no conceivable method to pay it back.

If all of that wasn’t enough, now our government has been seizing our lands, throwing us in prison by the use of unlawful acts and judges and other officials in direct violation of our Bill Of Rights and the US Constitution. Now and in the recent past, they have taken to gunning us down. When do we the people finally get fed up with these injustices and fight back?

Is it time to take our Government back? In case these so-called Public Servants don’t remember, we own America, all that it is belongs to “We the People.” They all work for us. It’s time they started realizing that and put an end to this lawlessness that is enveloping our land.

I say we have to fight back. If you cannot fight back that is okay but at least support those who will. If we don’t put our foot down and demand the people who can arrest these lawbreakers in our government do it immediately, we as a nation are surely doomed. If you will trade security for a life as a slave than you deserve neither Liberty or the respect from your fellow citizen. The people in this country had better wake up and do something while there is still a chance to.
Semper Fi.

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