What is Happening in America

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m having a difficult time understanding, dealing with and accepting what has been happening in the American population at large.

First of all, President Trump has not come close to issuing Executive Orders that are unconstitutional, dangerous to the Republic and most of all, illegal. Every time Obama opened his mouth it was a lie, or he gave away huge amounts of our money from our National Treasury, or he was fanning racial strife and dissension all over the country and or encouraging it. Not only that but, he was aiding and abetting our mortal enemies and everybody on the left seem to think that was okay. Now you have a man who has America’s interest at heart and he’s being defied every time he turns around.

His family is being attacked, he’s being attacked, his nominees for his cabinet are being attacked, and I don’t know about you but I’m wondering just where is this going? Are we on the verge of a Civil War?

You’ve got cities in the United States of America that are blatantly not upholding the laws of the land by sheltering criminals, and every time I turn around I’m hearing someone else say,” this is not my President.” If he isn’t our President who is?

I’ll make a prediction here if these people continue to block a legally elected POTUS, and they continue to riot, destroy public and private property, and to make every effort to bring our country down to its knees, they seem to be okay with keeping and gleefully accepting and allowing our avowed enemies from coming into our country unchecked, they better remember something very important, America belongs to the people. Every politician, Judge, elected official, and those unelected bureaucrats that work for various government agencies, and a lot more people, are working for the American people.

Everything belongs to the American people. So what these people are doing, as they go about disrupting, blocking, and destroying the very fabric of what America is, we the people are not going to stand for this much longer. Put it in perspective, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million people who are armed and when I say armed I’m saying armed to the teeth. Many are combat trained veterans. If these people truly want to see Americans going to war against other Americans, they’re going to get their wish and I don’t think they’re going to like what they’re going to get.

It isn’t going to take too much more to light the fuse to an explosive powder keg that is going to blow up in the left’s face, and when the streets run with their blood they’re going to beg us to stop killing them. However, once it starts it will not end quickly and it will not end graciously. It will end, and the left will be decimated when it’s over with. That is what is coming and what is truly sad, the left has no idea just how bad it can and will get.They don’t seem to understand, we know who they are and where they live.

This is just my opinion, but I’m an old guy and I can reach back to the 40’s and up through the present and remember what America used to be like. The America I’m seeing today is nothing like the country I was born in. It is changed alright and it is so radical, I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. It is akin to a terrible foretelling novel of the worst things that could possibly happen to a country and yet, it isn’t a fictional tale, it is reality and that reality is tearing the country apart. It needs to end, and America needs to get back on track to greatness and to freedom. America needs to be brought back to its owners, the American people. The people need to step in and make the corrections that will stop the internal destruction of America and it needs to stop now or there will be no America and that will happen very quick. Ask anyone who has experienced combat and ask them if they are ready for the stage that is being dressed for what is coming to get a realistic answer to that question.


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