Welcome to my blog. These articles and comments are about people such as yourself and is a place to come and express your opinion about what is said here. None of us has all the answers. No one can say what is the correct path to take toward finding the truth. All we can do is express our opinions, and hope we can sort out the veracity from the chaff. Let us hope we can find some of the answers together in a mutual place. No one who comes here and participates can be completely wrong or right. However, we can enter into discussions that will stimulate our senses and perhaps we can come to a few mutually acceptable conclusions.

I invite you to participate in my blog. It is hoped what you see and say here, can lead others to this site for reciprocal edification. May we learn from each other. It is anticipated we can make a difference in our own lives, and in the existences of others at the same time.

Freedom is our most important right. Whatever any of us can do to preserve that endowment, it is a priority of enormous proportions.

Slavery is our current destination. If we continue traveling in the same direction we will be slaves of the state. Socialism always leads to dire human struggles. Join us here and let us sort out some of the problems together before the “Golden Chains” we wear of the “Nanny State” turn into steel shackles and chains. We cannot allow ourselves to lose our freedoms.

Freedom isn’t granted to humankind by man, it is given to us as a gift by our Creator. It is, and always has been, the destiny of humans to be free. Slavery is an institution forced on other people by some who consider themselves “The Elite.” This occurs when power becomes unchecked and in the hands of a minority.

All articles posted here come under copyright protection and cannot be used without written permission from the author.

Copyright 2012, L. Michael Rusin   All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes in entirety, including this notice with written permission from the author only,

L Michael Rusin.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Gian

    Awesome!! Looking forward to good discussions!

  2. Dave Trotter

    I very much like this whole format. I, like you see what we have all worked so hard for drifting away. We have become the couch potatoes of the 21st century. We have failed miserably to to train our young what a real work ethic means.
    I was listening today and someone said work isn’t about a paycheck and how much you make. Work is; you arrive first and leave last. You should know more about your job than anyone else. You should be the leader the go to guy to get information and things done. You make yourself so valuable to your employer he can not operate with out you. Don’t worry about the long hours or the work the reward will come to you in the end.
    I have worked on every school here in our county. There is no shops in any of the new schools. NOT ONE of any kind. What on earth are all these fresh young minds going to do when they hit the labor market. They are not all going to be Wall street wannabes and lawyers. I was listening to a group of university students who were talking and some if them were purposely leaving there degree off their resume’s so they could get a job. What on earth has happened here in America?
    We no longer know how to work and are not reaching those who do want to work. I for one say there is something not right in the kitchen. The cook has gone out to lunch & the fridge stinks to high heaven. This city dweller needs to get out of Dodge.

    My new sign I just put up on my gate reads;

    Do to the enormous price increases of ammunition a warning shot will no longer be fired.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Nuff said.

    • Thanks Dave. If America doesn’t realize what has been done to them, I fear we will have begun to stand up too late with too little. People don’t realize I think, there is very little time left to get the leftist out of our government and out of our business. We vote them out first and then we don’t patronize any of their enterprises. We need to start with Hollywood and move lateral to the rest of them such as Progressive Insurance Company. Cut off their money and you cut off their power.

  3. Great infor to wake up the living dead. thank you

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